Cremation: Desecration of God's Temple?
By: Randall Powell

Cremation: Desecration of God's Temple? <br>By: Randall Powell
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    ISBN: 1-59824-256-3
    Edition: Paperback, 105 Pages
    Publication Date: June 24, 2006
    Cremation: Desecration of Godís Temple? invites you to experience the peace and liberty that comes from applying the knowledge and wisdom of Holy Scripture to your life. You will discover as you read this book how a deeper understanding of Biblical histories and truths, can introduce different and agreeable possibilities. Conversely, as a result of extensive examination of Holy Scripture, you are soon to read one of the most comprehensive books that is Scripturally based ever written on the subject of cremation. Thus, Cremation: Desecration of Godís Temple?, is a treasure chest of Biblical research and inspired commentary.

    This uniquely interesting and seriously practical book makes clear:
    • Where the practice of cremation originated
    • The people who practiced cremation throughout the Bible
    • What the priests and kings of the Bible taught and modeled before the people of Israel and Judah
    • Scriptural proof on how the Bible leaders were funeralized
    • The only acceptable disposition taught in Holy Scripture
    Cremation: Desecration of Godís Temple? will also provide insightful suggestions on funeral alternatives available for families as opposed to cremation and the typical ground burial.