Cin Cin & The Purple Martini
By: Maria Bragalini

Cin Cin & The Purple Martini <BR>By: Maria Bragalini
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    ISBN: 978-1-59824-668-1
    Edition: Paperback, 264 Pages
    Publication Date: August 10, 2007
    Tired of reading another celebrity chef story? Bored with those too-perky and out of touch with reality 25-minute meal makers? Cynical about the rags-to-riches kings who’s restaurant empires span the globe, never fail, and where everything turns to gold? Here is the first honest account of real life in the restaurant business, with all the joys and frustrations and madcap situations, plus more that you can never predict!

    This is the heartfelt, incredible story of restauranteur Maria Bragalini, who owned and successfully ran three different dining establishments in New York City in the 1950’s and later, a time when dining out was an entirely different type of experience. Amidst the backdrop of a still-bohemian Greenwich Village, then later an upper-crust Rockefeller Center hot spot, and finally a quaint quiet upper east side locale, Maria takes us on a journey of not just culinary delight, but of joys, sorrows, loves, trials and tribulations involving her loyal patrons who became good friends.

    Hear firsthand how Maria, a former fashion designer, went up against the authorities when they denied her liquor license and tried to stop this young woman from becoming a success. Listen to tales of the barons and business powerhouses who came to enjoy pasta and veal dishes at Maria’s tables, and stayed for more than the food. Learn about the mystical powers of Table #8, and revel in the beautiful descriptive interior design techniques that Maria used to transform each space from disastrous to exquisitely beautiful and comfortable cucinas. The story of the Purple Martini will leave you wondering for days about its secret ingredient. Meet Brag, her husband and partner forever, as they turn each place into successful culinary hot spots, through love and the magical “cin-cin” philosophy.