Cowboy Bill
By: Ron Somers

Cowboy Bill <br>By: Ron Somers
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    ISBN: 1-59824-293-8
    Edition: Paperback, 245 Pages
    Publication Date: July 28, 2006
    Iíd never met a man; other than my father, that molded my life, at such a young age. The stories that Bill told us kids; are still vivid in my memories. They were stories of honest men, doing an honest days work. God help the person who interfered or tried to steal their livelihood. For they were men of law and respect.

    Sure, our parents told us that the stories ĎCowboy Billí told us were lies, but we didnít care. He took one summer of our lives and showed us what it was like to be a cowboy; to live in the old frontier. He told us things Iíll never forget. And Iíll never forget him or that summer.

    Each time I look at the stars at night, Iím reminded of him.