Breckenridge Stables: Jessica's Story
By: Penny Jo Shoup

Breckenridge Stables: Jessica's Story <BR>By: Penny Jo Shoup
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    ISBN: 1-59824-323-3
    Edition: Paperback, 243 Pages
    Publication Date: October 3, 2006
    John Breckenridge is a type of horse whisperer in his own rank and noted professional in the equine world. He prides himself in rehabilitating battered horses, but now he is facing the biggest challenge of all. God has directed him and his wife to shelter a battered young lady, Jessica.

    John looks at the wisp of a girl Jessica as he carries her fainted body and wonders if God isnít presenting him with too big of a challenge. He fears instead of providing a place of healing, the challenge of his Stables might be her demise.

    Miraculously escaping her abuser, Jessica loves the farm from the instant she arrives. Fearfully, she doubts her ability to live up to her employerís expectations. To add to her conflict she finds herself faced with romantic inclinations toward the Stableís trainer Kyle McPherson. Unfortunately, Kyle sees Jessica as his little sister, not to mention he has a very possessive girlfriend!

    The farm offers safety, love, and light into her menacing world, but the darkness of her past threatens to snuff out her very existence. What she fails to realize is the power of Godís forgiveness, and of the power of Godís love being stronger that the darkness.