Black People You Had Better Wake Up!
Don't Blame The Whites!
By: William T. Dixon

Black People You Had Better Wake Up! <BR>Don't Blame The Whites! <br>By: William T. Dixon
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    Publication Date: April 18, 2006
    You must throw away the plastic bags. Stop the killing, donít rob your colleagues. Regain your respect. Check your behavior. Respect the laws and others. Respect all mankind. You canít win the street battle, you must follow the laws. You must stay in school and donít sell drugs. Respect your loved ones. Improve your dress code, keep your pants up. Throw away those rejected street guns. God is the only way - give all problems to God. His life as a youngster was very hard. He grew up in N.J. The Georgia born boy believed in the Ten Commandments. He was a retired truck driver. We all should love each other, no matter what creed or color. The people in the Holy City they were very friendly and respectful. Destruction is waiting for you, you must change your ways and adjust your attitudes. The young kidís attitudes are very rude. Getting an honest job is the road to success. Read my other books about my younger life. The street problems are too great for you to handle. Statements about the black stars, how they reached their goals and how the black stars had a master plan. Statements about the Hispanic and Guatemala people and their family rules and their respect for each other. Give God some of your time, repent your sins and stay in the Church. May God bless you all.