A Poorman's Guide to Knowing Money
By: Bobby Cochran

A Poorman's Guide to Knowing Money <BR>By: Bobby Cochran
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    ISBN: 1-59824-364-0
    Edition: Paperback, 297 Pages
    Publication Date: October 17, 2006
    Would you like to know what the rich know? Would you like to know all about money, how to better your credit, invest in the stock market and how the financial world works? This is a book that will teach you all the basics you need to know, and help you make the money you want and live the American Dream.

    Bobby Cochran started Think Rich Not Poor, a company teaching people the basics of money matters. He believes that if you give people a chance to know what the wealthy know, then you have a chance to live the American Dream. Other books written by Bobby Cochran are: Take Your Credit Back, A Poorman’s Guide to the Stock Market and The Financial World and How it Works.