A Cruel Twist of Fate
By: Jack Stahl

A Cruel Twist of Fate <BR>By: Jack Stahl
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    ISBN: 978-1-60862-150-7
    Edition: Paperback, 254 Pages
    Publication Date: March 31, 2010
    A Cruel Twist of Fate is a dual story that follows the lives of Jake Stalk and Rose Feltzer. In their separate lives, Jake and Rose become innocently involved with several murders and become entangled with nefarious characters belonging to a local mob family. As a result, they are forced to become fugitives and follow a path that leads them to new lives in a large city. But neither is aware as they are running away from their own predators that they are on a collision course with each other. When they meet, a serious relationship develops and it appears that life is good and the future is bright. But appearances can be deceiving and as their past catches up with them, they find themselves in a life-and-death situation and survival becomes a matter of fate.