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My 5th Semester: Excerpts from the Diary of Paul Valentini<br>By: Bill Pattison
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Paul says: My third year of college began in the usual way - standing around waiting to check out books. Then on Labor Day weekend it turned kinky. While I was trying to work out the kinks, my new friend, Phil, got me involved with all sorts of extracurricular activities - many of which involved travel in his - um, well, maybe I should just say, by his novel mode of transport. Along the way, I met some really neat people (and a few rogues) and learned lots of things that I never thought I could learn. I revived some old skills and picked up a bunch of new ones. And wait Ďtil you see the guarding angel I pick up! Most of all, I matured greatly during that time. Oh, yeah, and school didnít go too badly either. Anyway, come join me for the ride through my fifth semester. Thanks.

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