Personal Growth/Spirituality

Codex Michelangelo <Br>By: Raul P. Rodriguez
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-996-5
Edition: Paperback, 131 Pages
Publication Date: February 12, 2009
The subject of creation is commonly regarded as an arena of incompatibility between science and religion. This book is an attempt to harmonize scientific theories regarding the beginning of the universe and the existence of living beings with the story of creation revealed within the Bible.

The anecdotal approach employed in this book contains accurate historical references, albeit melded with distinguishably fictitious stories that intertwine with the realities of our past to illustrate the drama on which our narrative embarks.

This work is not in any way intended to compromise the teaching of the Church for the sake of accommodating the scientific theories of mankind. On the contrary, it is the objective of this book, as previously stated, through sound reasoning and the powerful and clear voice of fiction, to show that both teachings could be equally accepted.
Mary in Africa <BR>Messages from Heaven to Christiana Agbo <br>By: Gerald Curran
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-983-5
Edition: Paperback, 90 Pages
Publication Date: December 31, 2008
Events that happened at Lourdes in France and Fatima in Portugal have now happened in Africa. Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, has been sent from Heaven to that continent with messages for those ‘with ears to hear’ that she might light the way for their safe journey.
Through the Valleys with Jesus <BR>By: Patricia Harper Cummings
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-943-9
Edition: Paperback, 106 Pages
Publication Date: October 6, 2008
The author, Patricia Harper Cummings, shares unique and unexpected ways in which Jesus, the Good Shepherd, has helped her through what she calls her “valley times.” In the final chapters she offers some ways in which we, as Christians, can learn to draw on the very presence of a loving God to help in times of personal crises.
Through My Eyes <BR>By: Chief James R. Sherbaugh, Jr.
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-937-8
Edition: Paperback, 126 Pages
Publication Date: October 1, 2008
Other Editions: Hardcover
This book is composed of true life stories from the author’s life, and people that he encountered over time. The events are used to show you how almost everything that happens in the physical comes from the spirit, good or bad.

This book is a tool to show you how to recognize and work with your spirit and other spirits around you.
Sublime Revelations <BR>By: Dr. Dale C. Phillips and Staff Sergeant Charles B. Dye
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-932-3
Edition: Paperback, 97 Pages
Publication Date: September 29, 2008
This book is for those who are seeking more spiritual light from the Holy Bible. Many Christians are seeking more light from every Eastern Religion, Philosophy, Gurus, and New Age teachings throughout the Earth. The cause of this movement from Christian beliefs is the teachers of the book do not have the Divine insight to reveal the sublime revelations that is hidden from them in the Holy Bible.
The Genesis Mystery <BR>By: Staff Sergeant Charles B. Dye
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-931-6
Edition: Paperback, 79 Pages
Publication Date: September 29, 2008
The Six Days of Creation and Questions to Reflect On

This book is for people who have always questioned the creation of The Universe, God, Devil, Good, Evil, Light, Darkness, space travel, angels, alien beings, and Man’s creation since the beginning of their objective memories. Let your journey begin now to travel across the infinite bridge that connects science to spirituality.
All you need to know written within <BR>By: Penny Rae-ellis
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-903-3
Edition: Paperback, 123 Pages
Publication Date: August 28, 2008
When we fear our systems because we think they are so strong. When we let the laws decide what is right and wrong. Are we not, in all honesty, thinking humans are so weak? Aren’t we also saying we are just too afraid to speak? And on the deeper level are we living life as if a Higher Power has less power or just does not exist? Is it not this very thinking that sets the tone to be controlled? Nothing else could do it—we don’t care what you’ve been told. We as humans have been born with privilege; the ability to think, to feel, to observe, to reason…there is no missing link. We have been created with all the knowing how to live. From day one we have all of this! Now something has to give.
The Liberation of A Mindset <BR><I>Revealed Mysteries of The Gospel Of YAHWEH</I> <BR>By: ESOR
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-899-9
Edition: Paperback, 93 Pages
Publication Date: August 13, 2008
This is a book intended to shed some light on the origin of Christianity, exposing hidden or subtle facts in The Gospel regarding the true identity of the Messiah, and the suppression of a nation of people known as The Hebrew Israelites. In my efforts to connect relevant data, I was able to uncover a world of mysteries and profound truths. Come along with me and learn how to be set free with “The Liberation of A Mindset…The Revealed Mysteries of The Gospel of YAHWEH!”
Spiritually to Success, <I>90-Day Planner to Abundance</I> <BR>By: Eve Anderson
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-866-1
Edition: Paperback, 268 Pages
Publication Date: July 8, 2008
Develop pure intention of flow and abundance from tips to tests in an easy and quick way to acquire abundance and wealth. This book is meant for individuals and all the way up to large corporations.

Learn Asian secrets to screen employees and to enhance your environment. Enhance your understanding, motivation and results in 90 days or less. This carefully designed planner will set money and abundance in motion.
Not Guilty <BR>Undoing the Illusion of Separate Existence <br>By: Yaani Drucker
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-839-5
Edition: Paperback, 347 Pages
Publication Date: June 12, 2008
Not Guilty is based on a few simple universal truths which are contained in the mystical traditions of the major religions, and yet not limited to any particular religion or belief. One such truth is that we are all equal and inseparably connected. But we do not live in the experience of our interconnectedness because we exchanged unity for an idea of separation, called ego. Separation is a false idea with no basis at all in truth.

Not Guilty shows how ego is behind all suffering, war and injustice that has plagued our planet since the beginning of time.

Not Guilty inspires your full expression of selfless love, which like a powerful new kind of contagion will spread around the globe and lift the consciousness of mankind everywhere, thereby extinguishing the very source of suffering.

In this book Yaani invites us to share her passion for a fresh approach to dealing with human suffering. Instead of just trying to deal with outer symptoms, we are also urged to dive deep. There we uncover the original error stemming from the desire for separate existence. When that underlying cause is recognized and removed, we are freed to fully step into our role in the salvation of all mankind.