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Dynamic Power Deliverance for Children & Teenagers <BR>By: Dennis Melton
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-405-8
Edition: Paperback, 129 Pages
Publication Date: June 12, 2012
I wrote this book for children that are, “acting out” and for parents, friends, or relatives that recognize and see the need. 100% of all adopted and abandoned children need deliverance. Children that have been raped need deliverance 100% of the time. Children that cut themselves are always demonized and need deliverance 100% of the time.

Indications that your child may need deliverance: Look for changes in personality, outbursts of extreme volcanic anger, when the child suddenly becomes extremely quiet, seeking isolation, removing themselves from reality, sleep patterns change; waking at the same hour every night, sudden weight loss, changes in attitude and behavior, anger, hatred, cursing, hatred or disdain for church, self-mutilation, etc.
The Complete U-Overhaul <BR>By: Dennis Melton
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-396-9
Edition: Paperback, 157 Pages
Publication Date: May 4, 2012
Load up all drama, trauma, personal baggage & move the junk out!

Are you sick and tired of all the wrong decisions, even though you have good intensions and pure motives? Are you back to square one? Do you keep starting over, again and again? If you have developed patterns of wrong decisions, bad choices, or if you are just simply mistaken, off the mark, you may regularly refer to yourself in the terms: “Damned if I do; dammed if I don’t!” (Damned means ‘cursed’; not profane).

Has anyone ever told you that everyone comes with baggage? Here is how you get rid of all of your baggage! This is a book that has every answer you are looking for! This is a Spiritual Warfare, scripturally based, and spiritually motivated book.

If you are hopeless about your future, disaster-prone in relationships or, ruined financially, lost and not sure where to turn, or if you feel like you are done for, ill-fated, and unlucky, the process contained in this book can reverse that pattern and give you the Midas Touch!
Deluxe Deliverance & Divine Extraction for Homosexuals <BR>By: Dennis Melton
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-364-8
Edition: Paperback, 292 Pages
Publication Date: February 1, 2012
As I have ministered to different men and women in the Gay Community, I have come to realize that there is an incredible need for deliverance in the life of homosexual men and women from the womb to present day. Do you think that you are an impossible case? Do you think you have gone too far? God’s Grace and Mercy is not subject to any man’s interpretation. This is where God is the strongest and most powerful, in the fact that he forgives past the point of any man’s understanding. If you are Gay and suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, if your life is spinning out of control, or even if you are suffering from an incurable disease, you will find your deliverance and healing right here!
Supreme Self-Deliverance & Extreme Extraction <BR>By: Dennis Melton
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-355-6
Edition: Paperback, 286 Pages
Publication Date: December 13, 2011
If people could see your dark side, they would probably be shocked at the truth, which sometimes can be very embarrassing, shameful, and painful to admit. For those reasons alone, a majority of people do not seek out the help they need to drive out the demons that torment them from day to day. But for desperate souls that are sick of the devil and want to give him a good old fashioned beat down; I present to you Supreme Self-Deliverance & Extreme Extraction, which has been eight years in the making. This is where the tormented becomes The Tormentor!
One in Spirit <BR>By: Fatima Heath
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-992-7
Edition: Paperback, 149 Pages
Publication Date: August 23, 2011
Other Editions: Hardcover
One in Spirit is a story of Reverend Fatima Heath’s spiritual journey and many spiritual experiences that persons have shared with her in regard to mediumship, psychic readings, and physical phenomena of a supernatural nature. Fatima finds answers to Life after Life and more. The death of her nephew, Bobby at a young age of 21 was the impetus that started her on a spiritual quest. This search took her to book stores, psychics, mediums, meditation classes and the religion of Spiritualism.

Your loved ones die a physical death but live on in a spiritual world. They are only truly dead to us when we stop thinking of them, closing the door to their memory. These spirits have things to accomplish in the spirit world. When we refuse to acknowledge their spiritual existence then they move on; however, if you think of them often and keep their memory alive in thoughts, prayers and stories they will remain close to you. Our loved ones will help us in whatever way they can.

The beautiful religion of Spiritualism helps us to develop our spiritual gifts of prophecy, mediumship and healing. We have control of spirit’s presence in our lives. The choice is ours. Fatima Heath believes that she has found more than she was looking for. She found information about the God connection and real us, who is more than we know. If we are only thinking with our earth-mind consciousness, we are missing out on the purpose of the earth plane life and how it connects to the God spark which is in all of us. The main purpose of this book is to awaken us to the Spirit World, and to help us realize that we are first and always ONE IN SPIRIT!
How to Fight Devils, Demons, and Phantoms <bR>By: Dennis Melton
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-324-2
Edition: Paperback, 95 Pages
Publication Date: August 23, 2011
How to Fight Devils, Demons, and Phantoms is a scripture based guide on how to deal with the paranormal in your life with explosive type power from God that you will not find anywhere else. This book will show you how to pummel any and all evil spirits into submission where they will not come near your house or dwelling, and will run if they see you coming. This information comes from 25 years of processed information from doing house cleansings, deliverances, exorcisms, inner healings, and spiritual battles with evil and wicked entities. In this book there is some new information on a little known subject, Phantoms. You will learn the grass roots basics, such as protecting yourself and, of course, Spiritual Warfare. In Spiritual Warfare you will be exposed to thousands of spiritual weapons such as the Battle Axe found in Jeremiah 51:20. Several Warfare Prayers are provided, including the amazing Power Prayer Covering that covers the seven major Strongman demons and their cohorts. In this book we talk about warfare tactics, anointings, and the battle. This book encourages you with hundreds of thousands of Christians that are tired of putting up with what the Devil is putting out, and joins in the battle. They are transforming themselves into mighty warriors for Christ, and bringing collateral damage to the Kingdom of Babylon. A definite divine reversal, where the tormented turns the tables on the enemy and becomes the tormentor!
The Spirit World <BR>By: Rev. William L. Alexander II
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-208-5
Edition: Paperback, 147 Pages
Publication Date: September 7, 2010
Have you ever wondered about the spirit world? Almost everyone is curious about the subject. Perhaps you know of friends or relatives who have even dabbled in it. Does the spirit world truly exist, or is it just a figment of fertile imaginations? More importantly, is it beneficial or dangerous to delve into this area?

The Spirit World is a page-turning awakening into the supernatural. It will unleash an inspiring thought-provoking glimpse into the world of invisibility. The reader will learn how to release stress, locate energies, and tune into and develop their own sixth sense. This book is a journey of self-discovery while defining your own unique spiritual destiny. The Bible is full of scriptures that deal with the physical and spiritual dimensions of time and space and many of the things that concern communications and interactions between them. Therefore it is vitally important for Christians to know and understand these interactions. God Bless!
Dearly Departed<BR> Blessedly Returned <BR>By: Lu Raldiris
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-178-1
Edition: Paperback, 118 Pages
Publication Date: May 27, 2010
When we die we are just dead. Are we? We never come back in spirit much less reincarnated. Do we not? Of those of us who have had spiritual personal experiences some will admit to it and others will not. Why not? There are those who believe, those who are in doubt, and those who do not believe and that is the end of it for them. In these pages we also expose a spiritual center as the ultimate in charlatanism. We have some touching moments when a non-believer suddenly believes. More is revealed when a group of students are presented with the smiling face of one of their own who has already passed on. Dearly Departed Blessedly Returned deals with these issues. The revelations may shock and challenge...
Responding to Crisis Situations Confronting Today's African-American Youth
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-082-1
Edition: Paperback, 183 Pages
Publication Date: August 13, 2009
By: Reverend Dr. James R. Gibbs, Jr.

The book is a “how to” create a community-wide awareness from a multi-cultural, interdenominational, holistic, and theological perspective for at-risk and troubled youth(s). It is based on my experiences as a Christian educator, youth counselor and pastor. Through personal witness of African-American youths, I have experienced first-hand and swallowed the bitter pill of poverty, violence, victimization and homicide.

African-American youth(s) are statistically the greatest perpetrators of crime in the communities, and the lowest academic achievers. It is my hope to create a greater community-wide awareness at a time when society will see black youth(s) beyond the playing field and look for the real role models in their respective communities such as; teachers, pastors, mothers, fathers, and grandparents. In my book, I will place greater emphasis on the role of parenting and education in influencing youth(s) to partake in activities which will hone their abilities and create positive outlooks on life. The active involvement of various organizations, schools and individuals could hasten the achievement of these goals; for unity leads to revolutionary reform.

Interpersonal violence has a dramatic impact on the health of American youth(s). Homicides, the salient and easily measured impact, account for one of every five deaths among youths, ages fifteen to twenty-four and 58 per cent of deaths among black males fifteen to nineteen. From 1985 through 1990, firearm homicide rates increased 141 per cent for all fifteen-to-nineteen year olds and nearly tripled among black males in this age group.

Positive Adolescent Choices Training (P.A.C.T.) designed specifically for African-American male and female adolescents, applies cognitive training methods in small group settings in six skill areas. Elementary school teachers (preferably), select students for participation based on social skill deficiencies, problems with aggressive behavior, or history of victimization. Training is provided twice a week in fifty minute sessions for half of the school year. PACT volunteers will facilitate the training and are aided by a high-quality video tape that demonstrates the skills in realistic situations.
Embracing the Essence of Stillness and Silence <BR>By: Theresa H. McPherson
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-024-1
Edition: Paperback, 116 Pages
Publication Date: April 2, 2009
This book will inspire you to create space in your life in order to find peace, joy, contentment and tranquility. Let yourself breathe. We are all overworked, over-scheduled and overly-exhausted. We must give ourselves time to be still, relax, quiet our minds, take the gentle path and embrace life so that we can enjoy the life God has so graciously given us.

You will be taught how to take some down time and give yourself time to reflect, dream and have inspired thoughts. We need to learn how to embrace life with purpose and passion. Listening to God’s lead will direct you down a path of renewal and refreshment.

It’s time for us to discover what’s missing from our lives, blocking our peace, joy and contentment. You will discover what is missing is “You”. Reading this book will take you down a quiet path that takes you back to “You”.