Bunyan's The Holy War <BR>A Family Revision <br>Edited By Teresa D. Suttles, MA, PhD
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ISBN: 1-59824-251-2
Edition: Paperback, 225 Pages
Publication Date: June 14, 2006
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Bunyan’s beloved and piercing work about the process of corruption and salvation in the human heart, The Holy Wars, was vital to Dr. Suttles’ education of her own children as she schooled them from infancy through high school. Its centrality in her children’s religious education prompted her to produce a version of the work suited more to organized home and devotional instruction of children. It is her prayer that this and all her efforts for the cause of Christ be used to great effect in the hearts and minds of children now and yet to come.
Big Smiles, Small Miracles <BR>By: Lynne M. Caulkett
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ISBN: 1-59824-246-6
Edition: Paperback, 231 Pages
Publication Date: June 6, 2006
This newest book by Lynne M. Caulkett focuses on the expanding field of hippotherapy and therapeutic horseback riding. “Big Smiles, Small Miracles” is the story of some of the children and their families involved in this remarkable form of physical and mental therapy. Heartrending in its graphic presentation of the challenges of children who have rare diseases and the handicaps that they face from the moment of their birth, their stories of courage, determination and success will warm your heart. A must read for anyone who has ever loved a child or a pony.

Patricia Stillings, writer
A Seed In Good Soil <BR>Parenting Through Childhood Memories <BR>By: Margaret Mayo Gibson, Ed. D.
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In A Seed in Good Soil; Parenting through Childhood Memories, readers get a nostalgic look at a childhood that nurtured a creative parenting style. Readers are entertained and informed as Dr. Gibson reveals how adults in the 1930’s and 1940’s faced the challenge of Parenting.

These heartwarming stories illustrate valuable Parenting Pointers that are appropriate in today’s society. Discussion questions for each anecdote stimulate interaction for small groups. Parents, grandparents, teachers, mentors, and adults of all ages will enjoy this book.

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Your Child's Secret Language <br>By: Ruby Moon-Houldson
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If one of your kids gets up from the kitchen table and says “BRB,” don’t despair. He or she will “be right back.” And, if you tell a joke and the response is “LOL,” that’s a good sign. It means, “laughing out loud.”

In case you haven’t noticed, your kids are speaking a new language. It probably won’t count as a language requirement when they apply for college, but it does help them communicate with other kids via chat rooms and instant message programs.

It’s pretty common for kids to check each other out when they’re online, which could result in the prompt “A/S/L/” for age, sex and location. If your kids get such a query, please remind them not be specific with the “L” part of the answer. You don’t want them disclosing details that could give away their exact whereabouts.

Many of the terms used by kids today focus in on sexual activity or drug use. These are words that parents need to be especially aware of so they can be on the alert for a threat or actual danger to their children.

Within these pages you will find several words and meanings of words. Hopefully, they will be of great value as you learn your child’s secret language.

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