Piñata<BR>By: Thomas Patten
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Sheik Abul Abdula Maktar will sell a vast amount of diamonds to finance his terrorist organization. He will smuggle the diamonds and a shipment of munitions into Europe. Allen Burns, an Englishman, is the Sheik’s gem cutter and responsible for moving the diamonds onto the market. He suggests that an American sailing vessel innocently cruising the Mediterranean would be the safest way to move the cargo. He contacts his old friend Captain Wesley, and convinces him that he has a buyer for his boat.

From the start, the offer was only a ploy to smuggle the cargo. The Captain was unknowingly pulled into the conspiracy as a pawn, to be sacrificed in the end. Anna, one of the Sheik’s agents posing as a vacationing traveler joined the Captain’s crew. Anna knew the romance that bloomed during the Atlantic crossing between she and the Captain would end in his destruction. She must kill her lover and knew that her only hope for happiness will die with him. The Piñata, a dangerous mercenary team, was hired to put a stop to the sheik’s plans.

Trade Paperback 201 pages
ISBN 1-932701-52-4
Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC