Harvest of Souls <BR>By: Michael Wayne
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-960-6
Edition: Paperback, 241 Pages
Publication Date: January 7, 2009
The sky burns red this autumn. A fine line exists between the legend and the truth, the living and the dead…

Seventeen-year old Eve Lohmiller enjoyed a quiet life in the small community of Mercy Falls—until the day when she and three friends decide for fun to conduct a candlelight séance at the old town cemetery. They gather around the infamous grave of a local boy who died twenty years before on Halloween under suspicious circumstances.
      In the aftermath of their graveyard ritual, Eve and her friends suddenly become the targets of a menacing, hatchet-wielding stranger draped all in black who lurks the town. Sinister deeds are set into motion and Eve must attempt to save herself and her friends from death, while she uncovers a dark secret from the town’s past that will thrust her into a gauntlet of terror as a ghostly legend of frightening proportions is born.
      Harvest of Souls is a modern day gothic tale of murder, mystery, and one young girl’s desperate struggle to survive a living nightmare.
Bloodline II <BR>The Uprising <BR>By: Robby Richardson
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-973-6
Edition: Paperback, 140 Pages
Publication Date: December 24, 2008
Bloodline II: The Uprising is the widely anticipated book by underground author Robby Richardson. The saga continues and brings new horrors to Nestra, and the Vampire Nation. A man poses a threat to the throne, and hides a terrible secret which brings turmoil to Nestra. Also, the Dark Order has released one of the Blood Gods, and now Nestra must help her people overcome the storm that these two bring. Will Nestra lead her Nation to overcome the storm, or will she and her Nation get swept up into the uprising? Where does your loyalty lie?
Hair Raiser Tales <BR>The Forsaken Forest <bR>By: Robby Richardson
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-816-6
Edition: Paperback, 108 Pages
Publication Date: June 3, 2008
The Forsaken Forest is the third book by underground author Robby Richardson.

What if the person that you loved the most was taken from you? What if nobody believed you when you said she was kidnapped? What if to find the answers on whether they are alive or dead is to join, a mysterious group, with a mysterious purpose? Michael and Michelle were a loving a couple about to be married, when Michelle is taken from Michael by a creature in the forest. Michael is confronted by a group known as the HUNT, who’s one purpose is to hunt down the creature and eradicate it. Is Michelle still alive or did she die on that one lovely day, where Michael proposed to her? Will Michael and the HUNT find and stop the monster, or will the monster find and stop them?
The Moon Is Watching <bR>By: J. L. Holloway
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-806-7
Edition: Paperback, 378 Pages
Publication Date: April 22, 2008
The moon smiled wickedly down upon him. I see you, it said. Beneath me, in mother earth, you leave your unwanted gift, hidden away from the rest of the world. But in my sight, in my pale moonlight, I remember the resting places. Spilled blood cries out, not to be forgotten.

On this special night, the quiet Ozark villagers of Blossom Falls will awaken to find they have unknowingly harbored the most insidious secret; one of deception, pain, and death. For Sheriff Conrad Jorgensen, the nightmare is just beginning. For the lonely and forgotten Annie Bradshaw, perhaps it will be the end. Only one has seen the despicable acts committed against the innocent, and tonight, under its watchful gaze, the moon will witness the justice that has finally come to Blossoms Falls.
Tailor <BR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-785-5
Edition: Paperback, 300 Pages
Publication Date: March 26, 2008
Other Editions: Hardcover
John is a small town reporter who has just been given the chance of a lifetime. The notorious serial killer, Taylor the Tailor, has requested him personally to write her life story. The catch is, John has only three days before Taylor is to be electrocuted to interview her.

During those three days, John unravels a story like no other. Overwhelmed in just the first interview, John turns to his young assistant Lauren for help. Lauren readily agrees and heads to Taylor’s hometown to come up with cold hard facts to help make Taylor’s story a credible one.

However, both Lauren and John quickly realize that Taylor’s tale may not be that easy to prove. Although both of them are skeptics at heart, they are finding out that Taylor’s story is not an easy one to understand or believe. Especially with its supernatural undertones.

John’s interviews start off with Taylor’s childhood. To his horror, John realizes that Taylor had begun to kill as early as the age of four with her first victim being her father. As Taylor grows up, her list of victims increases as her skills for being “The Tailor” sharpen.

Tim is Taylor’s brother who had been institutionalized at a very young age; upon being released, Tim had changed his name so as not to be connected with Taylor in any fashion. Unfortunately, due to Taylor’s impending doom, Tim finds himself thrown back into Taylor’s world.

Tim and Lauren team up to try and put a stop to Taylor’s evil once and for all. Yet, all of them question why Taylor wants her story to be told now? Is it to seek redemption for all the bad deeds she has done, knowing her time is limited? Maybe, it is to brag to the world how much she got away with and how she did it? Or, is it something so much darker that none of them will find out until the third day, at the stroke of midnight?
Monsters Under The Bed <BR>By: Robby Richardson
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-565-3
Edition: Paperback, 123 Pages
Publication Date: September 19, 2007
Monsters Under The Bed is the second book by underground author Robby Richardson. People say it is best to put the past behind you, what if someone or something did not want to? Jessica was a beautiful eighteen year old, who recently moved with her family to a small rural town in Alabama. Her father sees the house as a dream come true. However, Jessica soon discovers the nightmare that lurks within the house. With the help of her brother Chris, Jessica will soon find out that her parents lied; in this house monsters are under the bed.
The Folks <BR>By: Tammy Vreeland
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-528-8
Edition: Paperback, 302 Pages
Publication Date: May 22,2007
Other Editions: Hardcover
Moving into a new home can become quite stressful! For David, it is the matter of juggling a new job, a mistress and a family at home! For Terry, it is the matter of making her new house into a home and recovering from a nervous breakdown! For Tyler, it is the stress of a five-year-old trying to fit into a new neighborhood with no friends!

A move can be quite difficult on a child, so much so that a way for the child to cope is to have an imaginary friend! This is where The Folks come in! You see, Tyler not only has one imaginary friend but a whole group of imaginary friends that call themselves The Folks! Tyler meets The Folks the very first day he moves into his new room!

When Terry, Tyler’s mom, finds out about The Folks she becomes concerned! Terry’s family, friends and even her own therapist tell her that it is a healthy way for Tyler to cope with the move!

However, when accidental deaths begin to occur and Tyler, with his imaginary Folks, happens to know more than they should Terry begins to wonder that perhaps The Folks are not so healthy after all!
A Killing Rain and Other Stories <BR>By: Reid Laurence
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Raymond Mort is a killer — make no mistake — but the lives he takes don’t fulfill a murderers bloodlust quite as much as they work to keep him happy and occupied in the strange, make-believe world he’s self-manufactured out of sheer madness. In doing so, Raymond tries to snuff out the pain of loneliness and desperation of a tormented early childhood, which remains a sad part of him for the duration of his life. A killer, yes, but in reading this shocking tale, you may feel more pity welling within you than vengeance.

Other stories in the book prove to be rooted in the deep, dark well of human psyche and pathos, but at times — as in the last tale of a super-intelligent cat named ‘Carl’ — the author switches moods and takes us to a place in which most adults have long since left behind them, but with one agonizing question left unanswered... Are we really who we think we are, or could there exist some other force — much greater then we — compelling us to do the things we do? Read on, and find out.

Trade Paperback 243 pages
ISBN: 1-59824-021-8
Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC
Other Formats: Ebook Version