Historical Fiction

Mik Henry's Journey <BR>The Crossing of Parallel Paths <br>By: Henry M. Schmidt
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-124-8
Edition: Paperback, 162 Pages
Publication Date: January 1, 2010
This story is about a man’s life... It tells of his loves during the period of 1922, his birth... till his death in 2008. There are the women and all the other people, plus the aircraft that he crossed paths with during his exciting life. Times of peace and times of war...

Heartbreak and happiness abound with his adopted son writing the whole story... Mik Henry loses his parents to violence as a young boy. He matures rapidly and soon grows to be a young man with a strong will and a loving heart... He is a fighting man thru war in the Pacific Theater.

He finds love only to lose it over and over again until he reunites with the women who have deeply affected his life by staying in his heart. There are times of sadness and joy across the distances forced upon them.

This story has two endings... both of which have affected our hero in different ways. Find out how he lives out his life to the fullest by reading Mik Henry’s Journey - The Crossing of Parallel Paths.

This story could be true. The names and places in some cases are perhaps real... The times were authentic, and the Second World War was in fact a major piece of history, a small part of which takes place within the story.
The Cage Within <BR>Children of the Lost Horizon <br>By: Thanasi
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ISBN: 978-1-60862-108-8
Edition: Paperback, 228 Pages
Publication Date: November 3, 2009
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This is a true story reflecting the strife, the agony and the pain of the people of Greece among others who lived under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. There has been a lot of speculation and incorrect information surfacing through the ages. The author of this book spared no opportunity of examining numerous sources and spending additional time (seven years worth) in order to bring to light the truth about a very devastating period of the people involved in the making of this part of history without prejudice. In order for the Ottomans to survive in a hostile world in which they were surrounded by adversaries, they had to employ several unorthodox and at times unacceptable practices not only toward their enslaved subjects, but also toward their own people. Called by their European adversaries “the sick man of Europe” due to their unique and mysterious way of life, they managed to elude everyone and flourish under a harsh environment which others could have not possibly survived. One of the hardships bestowed upon their enslaved people was the abduction of their children in order for them to serve the emperor. This story is about a group of these children (one in particular), and the course of the events which led to a horrible tragedy.
While They Slept <bR>An epic struggle between cultures and faith <BR>By: Keith LaVelle
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-886-9
Edition: Paperback, 324 Pages
Publication Date: August 22, 2008
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Michael Balian is a teacher and coach from a small Midwestern town. His life is comfortable, his work rewarding. This all changes with the revealing of prophecy which invades his subconscious thought. As he tries to understand the meaning behind these nightly visions, he becomes tied to others. They too have been visited by dreams, only theirs have directed them to him. As disaster invades his world, others prepare a much larger confrontation.

The novel mixes fiction, history and current events to spark discussion, dialogue and contemplation of the dangers which exist today. These threats have been faced before, the only difference is the size and scope of their effectiveness. The tale combines the energies of a group of young adults and powerful men who lead the counter-strike to a terrorist attack meant to bring down democracy and freedom. The students, a mixture of personalities, initiate a world-wide dialogue using the internet to discuss and debate controversial issues. As calamity strikes, the youthful men and women step forward into the role of modern day Crusaders. Supported by men of influence, friends and family the association bonds together to fight for culture and faith. Financed by the rich’s of the primeval Knights Templar, the battle lines are drawn.

The novel combines histories past with a modern apocalyptic assault on Western society. The response is horrific and meant to call attention to man’s inescapable potential. As the Republic falls, its replacement in the novel is left open. Nevertheless, if history repeats itself, the outcome has already been written.

Controversial and philosophic, the author attempts to promote discussion and discourse among those who follow faith and culture. Freedom and choice are at the heart of this story, defending it from the forces of evil, the goal.
Treasure Along the Edisto <bR>By: David A. Davis
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-813-5
Edition: Paperback, 262 Pages
Publication Date: July 21, 2008
Raised on a colonial New Hampshire farm by their secretive father, teen-age twins John and Sarah, especially Sarah, wonder about what their mother was like. A botched kidnapping and a desperate maritime chase down the Atlantic seaboard brutally brings that wonder to reality. It also results in the twins learning about and having to deal with their parents’ sordid past and involvement with piracy and the colonial system that encourages it. Can they and their parents survive the ordeal?
Captain Marshall and the Pirates of Cartagena <BR>By: Howard Crow
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-684-1
Edition: Paperback, 385 Pages
Publication Date: October 22, 2007
From lush Caribbean islands, to frantic battles at sea, Captain Peter Marshall pursued his destiny. From the moment Sara Principal daughter of the viceroy of Port Royal, looked into his blue eyes, she knew she had found her heart’s desire and her soul mate.

Nora Woodford, a slender brown eyed black haired wench, was more amused than offended by handsome James Potter’s indifference to her passionate advances. Little did she know that within the year he would be her husband. Nora was well versed in the art of foreplay, but a babe in arms where true love was concerned.

Self-professed adventurer and soldier of fortune Robert Webster had every intention of profiting from the turbulent times. He found himself hopelessly entangled with the captured pirate girl who was known on the Caribbean as Dawn. Her long black hair, dark eyes and light skin captivated his senses and made him her slave. Engulfed in the fury of those times they fell in love.

These three attractive young women had one thing in common, they all three would fall in love with buccaneers and find themselves prisoners of their own fate.
Epitaph for Ophir <BR>A novel about an Alaskan mining town <BR>By: George Cheek
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-525-7
Edition: Paperback, 402 Pages
Publication Date: June 1, 2007
Gold drew stampeders to Alaska’s Innoko river region in 1906, when the town of Ophir was founded. More than 40 years later, the unchanging, government-mandated price for gold was strangling the town and its mining operations. Two young men, trying to recapture a dying way of life, spend a cold but entertaining winter in a remote cabin with an old timer while, in the town, a boatload of liquor contributes to odd goings-on.

A gunfight with no shots fired, a wrestling match where a woman defeats a man and the initiation of a 16-year-old boy into the brotherhood of the north help break the monotony. Community events take place in a roadhouse and two bars, where domestic disputes become public and where, on one night, a woman, squatting over a spittoon to avoid a 60-below outhouse, demanded to know if goggle-eyed spectators “never saw a lady pee before?”

A Christmas party for the town’s eight children is disrupted by a bungled knifing and, later, three of the children die in a fire when they are locked in while their parents visit a bar.

The story is fiction, but Ophir and its troubles both were real. Ophir is gone, wiped out in a fire, but still appears on most maps. A few mines still operate.
Brothers in Blue <BR>A story of one family's sacrifice during the Civil War. <BR>By: Thomas F. Ayers
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ISBN: 1-59824-110-9
Edition: Paperback, 145 Pages
Publication Date: December 29, 2005
This is the story of one family and how it dealt with the Civil War and its ramifications. It is the experience of four brothers who all answered the call for the defense of freedom, and how each dealt with the war in his own way. It describes the hardships and heartbreak of war on the home front as well as the battlefield.
The Girl Gladiator <br>By: Christy Reed
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It’s Rome in the time of Nero, and for the fourteen year-old Adria, things could scarcely be better. Not only is her father a well-respected Senator, she herself is well-loved as the glorious Girl Gladiator. But when she becomes a victim of Nero’s jealousy and finds herself stripped of her fame and a fugitive, the only ones she has to turn to are the ones she’s been taught to loathe and fear: the Christians.

Trade Paperback 253 pages
ISBN 1-932701-96-6
Publisher: E-BookTime, LLC
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