Captain Marshall and the Pirates of Cartagena <BR>By: Howard Crow
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-684-1
Edition: Paperback, 385 Pages
Publication Date: October 22, 2007
From lush Caribbean islands, to frantic battles at sea, Captain Peter Marshall pursued his destiny. From the moment Sara Principal daughter of the viceroy of Port Royal, looked into his blue eyes, she knew she had found her heart’s desire and her soul mate.

Nora Woodford, a slender brown eyed black haired wench, was more amused than offended by handsome James Potter’s indifference to her passionate advances. Little did she know that within the year he would be her husband. Nora was well versed in the art of foreplay, but a babe in arms where true love was concerned.

Self-professed adventurer and soldier of fortune Robert Webster had every intention of profiting from the turbulent times. He found himself hopelessly entangled with the captured pirate girl who was known on the Caribbean as Dawn. Her long black hair, dark eyes and light skin captivated his senses and made him her slave. Engulfed in the fury of those times they fell in love.

These three attractive young women had one thing in common, they all three would fall in love with buccaneers and find themselves prisoners of their own fate.
Of Orbs and Lords <BR>By: P. Gordon Kennedy
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-563-9
Edition: Paperback, 135 Pages
Publication Date: September 6, 2007
Of Orbs and Lords is an exciting adventure fantasy novel! The adventure begins when a young explorer named Xeoromir discovers a mysterious and powerful crystal orb. Later, he learns of the orb’s connection to the evil Lord Aniitron and must set out on a great journey with a companion named Immahyr.

Years after Lord Aniitron is successfully defeated in battle, Immahyr’s life takes a quite unexpected turn and Xeoromir begins another adventure, an adventure that will bring him intimate knowledge of the joyful world of the tiny earth-fairies.
Unnatural Selection <BR>By: C. Peachey
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-559-2
Edition: Paperback, 235 Pages
Publication Date: August 26 2007
Scientists are using cloning techniques to create children from the genes of same sex couples, but it is a cover for a sinister conspiracy to add DNA to the human genome that will alter the way mankind evolves. Young photographer Andy Carerra discovers the plot and ultimately is forced to decide between protecting the innocent lives involved or the future of the human race.

Andy is kidnapped, drugged and left for dead, hunted by the CIA, involved in high-speed car chases, and survives a month in Afghanistan, a hurricane, and the death of his girlfriend in a quest to uncover and stop the insane scheme.
I Was a Dealer for the DEA <BR>By: Edward Kahn
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-685-8
Edition: Paperback, 137 Pages
Publication Date: August 16, 2007
Other Editions: Hardcover
By the time Tommy Giordano was thirteen he realized his calling in life. He realized what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He found something that he was destined for and loved it. He went to the top and then came crashing down a few times. He loved what he did. Read this story of someone who found out they were destined for infamy, and still made the choice to take that road. Meet Tommy the Kid Giordano who the author had the pleasure of meeting while at Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. Over two years he told me his story. This is a fictional account inspired by his story. An account filled with intrigue and suspense that will capture your attention from the very first page and will not release you until the last page is turned.
Equinox's Equilibrium <br>By: Sam Champie
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-485-4
Edition: Paperback, 129 Pages
Publication Date: July 9, 2007
From Portland, Oregon and the Columbia Gorge to Bordeaux, France this fast-paced murder mystery is centered around stolen documents exposing a multi-million dollar medical fraud. Do these documents really contain a cure for a devastating inner ear disorder? Can one find restoration for their Equilibrium imbalance? What connection did Vincent Van Gogh and Dr. Prosper Meniere share? This novel, the third for Sam Champie, once again explores Super Science, a science that can almost be fact. Super Science is a genre created by Mr. Champie … unique, refreshing, and exciting.

Fact........................Meniere’s disease is a failure to diagnose.

Fiction....................Endolymphatic Hydrops is just a theory.

Fact........................Van Gogh kept company with prostitutes.

Fiction....................Van Gogh had Meniere’s disease.

Fact........................Chicken Charlie’s Island is real.

Fiction or Fact?.....The Equinox holds super powers.
Spirit of the Wolf <BR>By: John Lone Wolf
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-664-3
Edition: Paperback, 71 Pages
Publication Date: July 4, 2007
Spirit of the Wolf is about the journey of a young Indian boy into the world of the spirit people and the Great Spirit. He accidentally sees a spirit being and is launched into a fascinating adventure into the world of the spirit people.
The Hell with Working <BR>Let's Go Sailing <BR>By: Edward Kahn and Richard Kiegler
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-486-1
Edition: Paperback, 196 Pages
Publication Date: May 15, 2007
Other Editions: Hardcover
Picture yourself clad in your favorite bathing suit relaxing on a sleek sailing yacht anchored in crystal clear water off white sandy beaches. Cool drink in hand, you’re soaking up the brilliant sunshine, trying not to awaken from this impossible dream. An impossible dream?? Not at all!!

A former couple from Endwell, New York not only had this dream but actually lived it.

Dorothy and Richard Kiegler lived aboard and cruised the Caribbean aboard their sailing Trimaran the “Malo Folau” for over seven years.

This fascinating memoir tells their story and includes original poetry by Richard Kiegler.
Bloodline <BR>The Prophecy of the Vampire <BR>By: Robby Richardson
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-523-3
Edition: Paperback, 115 Pages
Publication Date: May 8,2007
Imagine that the world that you call reality is not reality. There lies a world behind the one that you know. Imagine that societal collapse depends on a girl named Sarah. Sarah is your average women, who never knew her mother or father. She does not know that three groups of people are looking for her vampires, werewolves, and the Dark Order. It all depends who can locate her first. Will Sarah accept her destiny to lead the Vampire Nation or will she face her death?
The Adventures and Misadventures of Juan Loco <BR>By: Jonathan W. Davis
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-459-5
Edition: Paperback, 172 Pages
Publication Date: March 8, 2007
Other Editions: Hardcover
The Adventures and Misadventures of Juan Loco is a collection of stories about the excitement, and sometimes the danger, of hunting – by a man who has hunted all over the United States (including Alaska), Canada, New Zealand and Africa. This book is filled with tales reflecting a love of the sport and the environment, flavoring by large doses of humor. Any hunter would surely enjoy and relate to the adventures and misadventures as much as the author did living them.

The adventures also contain humorous stories about the author’s youth; including tipping over outhouses on Halloween and his father’s burning of the outhouse!

Here are some excerpts:

“Uncle Bill took off his hunting coat and began to root around in the back. He pulled out the small thermos he had placed there and began to try and wipe the rabbit hair off the cup…the more he wiped, the more blood and hair he smeared around…the rabbit hair and blood gave the cup the look of some devils chalice being offered up after a sacrifice. “Here you go boy,” said Uncle Bill as he handed me the cup.

“Crisscrossing the valley to head for the next waterhole to try and head off the elephants…we came upon a small family dwelling of mud huts…naked and dirty children were in a constant game of hide and seek or pelted the chickens with dirt clods. As Rory began to ask the elders about elephants, I began to hand out bright, yellow butterscotch candies to the kids…. I feel a tug on my pants and one boy is holding out a piece of colored string. His gift to me is all he has in the world…I am humbled by the magnitude of his gesture.”

“The roar of the lioness came from ten yards to my rear and the sound of it raised the hair on my neck and vibrated my entire body. I could hear the brush as it slid along her body and her claws rattling on the rocks as she came. She was close, so very close. I vainly spun knowing the shot would be measured in inches and one shot was all there would be time for.”
Sleeping With Horses <br>By: C W Patterson
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ISBN: 978-1-59824-421-2
Edition: Paperback, 207 Pages
Publication Date: January 22, 2007
Sara, in the third grade, struggles to escape a perilous family life and her despair. Intelligent, and timidly assertive, in foster care she befriends her retarded roommate, and a young horse scheduled for slaughter. An old ranch hand guides her to save and train the horse. She marries his grandson and they take up long distance riding to give her horse meaningful work. This success inspires a horse-care products business and later gives her the confidence to bear her own children. Early traumas appear in flashbacks; dreams inspire her future. She grows through a series of adventures with her horses and family. In the climactic scene, near the end of a fifty mile ride, Sara and her two children are trapped in a burning canyon. As the canyon is engulfed in a fire storm a vision leads their escape, confirms Sara’s self-confidence, and brings her peace.